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Wedding Video, Wedding Videography, Tiger Beat Films, Hatfield England



I am a wedding videographer based in both Hertfordshire and Cheshire with a focus on authenticity and style. I have been a professional videographer for many years and I am absolutely obsessed with cameras and camera lenses. I'm still so grateful that I get to play with cameras for a living! I am a quiet person with emotional intelligence and I feel this plays a big part in doing what I do as a wedding videographer. I am an old romantic and love seeing people in love and how awesome that I get to film them! I’m up and down the country from Hertfordshire to Cheshire (girlfriend is a scouser!) but love to see new places and people, so I travel the country a lot! I am to be found shooting in Manchester, Hampshire, Kent, Suffolk, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Herefordshire, Cornwall, Bath, Derbyshire and Liverpool. The list goes on. I’ve shot countless weddings across the UK and honestly I love travelling to parts of the country I haven't yet been to, but to be honest there's not many places I haven't seen now! 

Wedding Video, Wedding Videography, Tiger Beat Films, Hatfield England

Honestly, I absolutely love weddings and I love capturing them even more so. I love being around the happy people, capturing the emotions and piecing them into the highlight films, telling a story about the day. It didn't take me long realize that filming weddings was my calling in life, I loved it from the first one I filmed and have loved it ever since.

I am very discreet and try my best to make you feel comfortable, I like the fly on the wall approach so I can capture the moments naturally. As a couple you won't be able to see everything that goes on throughout the day, that's where I fit in, I capture all the beautiful moments along with the smiles and laughter so you can relive your day whenever you feel.

My style is natural and relaxed, I want you to enjoy your day with your loved ones.

If you like my style then please get in touch!

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